Tucker is a city in DeKalb County, Georgia, with inhabitants of 35,692. According to the most recent approximations from the U.S. Census Bureau, 47.20% of residents classified as white, 32.30% as Black or African American, 0.10% as American Indian or Alaska Native, 5.90% as Asian, 0.00% as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 11.20% as Hispanic or Latino, and 3.40% as some other race or combination of races.
Nowadays, burglars have different ways to break into people’s homes. Generally, they enter people’s properties by hammering doors and windows while the homeowners are away or are fast asleep. However, through time, these intruders have become more resourceful and are now competent to bypass some of the most innovative door locks. If you don’t have a clue then it’s maybe about time for you to have a professional locksmith service inspect your home for weak points and maximize your security. But before you do that it’s imperative to know some of the different locks and security systems for your home. Here are some examples of the best kinds of home door locks that you need to know about:
Mortise Locks – A mortise lock is one that needs a four-sided hole on the wall for installation. It has usually been considered as an older lock mechanism as compared to the bored cylindrical locks, but however, remains to be a popular alternative amongst locksmith companies as well as expensive residential and commercial constructions here in Tucker. The mortise lock works by keeping the bolt inserted in the hole while it is locked. It comes with numerous styles of knobs nowadays, ranging from the round, traditional to bar-type knobs, making it a general choice among homeowners who prefer lock systems that they can modify.
Deadbolts – Deadbolts offer a more secure way of locking your doors. Unlike steady door locks, deadbolts need key access both inside and outside. Deadbolts are usually a secondary choice for homeowners who want an added security feature for their front doors. Locksmith Tucker GA can help you in installing these kinds of Deadbolts in a professional way.
Keyless locks – Keyless lock systems are a common option among homeowners nowadays because of the advanced residential security they offer. The developments in modern residential security systems today have allowed for fingerprint and eye-scanning door locks as well as electronic locks requiring exceptional pin configurations. These locks do not need keys anymore, and only have them as a backup in case the electronic competence shuts accidentally shuts down or malfunctions.