Over the years the require for greater security has increased noticeably. We can all no longer leave our doors and windows unlocked when we nip round to the neighbors we can’t even leave the door unlocked when we nip upstairs for 2 minutes most recently. So most of us are aware we require good door and window locks but most people don’t have a clue what kind of lock is on their door. So here is an immediate guide to residential security, let’s start with wooden door security first. Locksmith Deltona can suggest you what kind of security devices needed for better security.

Upvc and composite doors are now hugely popular and possibly out number wooden doors at the moment. The locks which come with UPVC doors are typically cheap rubbish and can easily be not working into using a method called lock snapping or lock bumping. The locks fitted as normal are usually poor quality as it keeps the cost of the door down meaning the doors are easier to sell. The simple solution to this is to improve your lock cylinders to anti snap cylinders. Up until a few years ago there was no American standard kite mark available for euro locks which are the kind found in upvc doors. Providentially now there are lots of brands of euro cylinder which carry the kite mark. We would advise fitting anti snap locks to all upvc doors at the premises.